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You cannot argue that for most people the biggest investment that you could go for is the house. So, it is imperative for most people to take care of their things and ensure that they are not taking for granted the things that could be done for the house. Ensuring the high quality of the house is a lot of work. It’s not as easy than you think, there are a lot of regular inspection to ensure that there is no corruption of the materials that would often go undetected.  


Potential problems must be captured before it becomes too out of hand. So, as an owner you will have to realize if your house needs a little bit of repair and what kind it would need. It could be a stucco repair colorado springs or a roof repair and other kinds.  


In this article, the focus would be on walls, particularly on the difference between plaster and stucco. Many owners would confuse the two especially if it’s a dated house. No worries by the time you finish reading the article you would know what must be done and why is that so.  


The difference of plaster from stucco is not much. They are both applied pretty much the same way as well as its texture and thickness could be pretty much the same. However, it is very important to remember that the only difference between the two is the main ingredient that is used to bind the material.  




There are two kinds of plaster and it’s all about the binder that it has on it.  


  1. Gypsum also known as the plaster of Paris. Gypsum compared to the other binder cures and sets fast. It is known as the plaster of Paris because Paris at that time has the biggest gypsum reserve to date. However, even though gypsum only need a couple of days to cure and sets it is typically an interior plaster, simply because it does not do good with consistent exposure to water.  


  1. Lime plaster is the other binder that would be great for your home. Lime however is a lot of work, there is a lot of consideration to make, such as the addition of horsehair to strengthen the wall. There is also the fact that when you cure lime plaster it takes up to almost a year before you are allowed to do anything to the walls like paint or wallpaper.  


You have to remember though that just because the gypsum plaster cures and sets faster it doesn’t make it more superior to the lime. There are still considerations to make to ensure that you get the right one to use.  




Stucco is much the same to lime plaster however it is made in a number of unusual materials to bind. There have been some inventions about it that make it harder to the lime plaster however, the repairability of this makes it harder. You cannot repair this and all you can do is to replace it.  


There isn’t much to say about stucco, it is not much different to plaster but it isn’t actually the same either.